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IGBC for New Buildings

IGBC Green New Buildings rating system® is a voluntary and consensus based programme. The rating system has been developed based on materials and technologies that are presently available. The objective of IGBC Green New Buildings rating system is to facilitate a holisitc approach to create environment friendly buildings, through architectural design, water efficiency, effective handling of waste, energy efficiency, sustainable buildings, and focus on occupant comfort & well-being.

Procedure for IGBC Certification



Except for industrial complexes, all buildings – offices, retail malls, institutions, hotels, hospitals, health-care facilities, residences and multifamily high rise buildings- in the pre-design/design stage are eligible for GRIHA.



Organisations interested in registering their projects under IGBC Green New Buildings rating system Certification are advised to first register on IGBC website ( under ‘IGBC Green New Buildings Rating System’ tab.



Upload all documents under respective categories as mention in the “Checklist “of IGBC Documents required.



The project team is expected to provide supporting documents at preliminary and final stage of
submission, for all the mandatory requirements and the credits attempted.

Criteria for IGBC Certification

The new sequence is segregated into specific sections and previous criteria have been modified accordingly. There are now only 31 criteria in the rating. The different sections are also mentioned below:

1. Sustainable Architecture & Design (SA)

Criteria name
Max. Points

2. Site Selection & Planning (SP)

3. Water Conservation (WC)

4. Energy Efficiency (EE)

5. Building Materials & Resources(BMR)

7. Innovation in Development (ID)





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