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About Solar Consultants Firstgreen

Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited is one of the fastest growing solar companies in Kenya.

In 2 years, Solar Consultants Firstgreen has developed significant portfolio of its PPA clients. We have also executed some of the innovative solar mini grid projects with energy storage. Our goal is to provide simple and affordable solar solutions to African people with best of available solar technology in the world. We provide the C&I clients flexible solutions to own a solar rooftop system with easy financing option. We also provide low cost solar PPAs to C&I clients with flexible payment options.

Use our Solar calculator to calculate solar plant capacity for your homes.

About us

Solar consultants Firstgreen Limited is a subsidiary of
Firstgreen Consulting Pvt Ltd; one of India’s most respected Solar solutions provider since 2010.
Solar Consultants Firstgreen seeks to bring the same Technology in design and installation of customized Energy solutions , offer our input in Kenya’s pursuit of Energy independence, and present our Customers with value addition in Energy management, at affordable and available financial resources. Our Vision is to attain a preferred status as a user friendly consultant and EPC partner in Solar Technology

Product and Services

Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited offers global knowledge base and experience to make solar power affordable,  and adaptable in African continent. Our products and services include the following: 

Our expertise

Firstgreen is a leading renewable energy and sustainability consulting firm, with the primary specialization in solar and green buildings. Firstgreen is India’s leading solar consulting firm. We also provide Distributed energy solutions with grid connected and energy storage. Firstgreen has a diversified portfolio of consulting and EPC clients spread across globe. We have a portfolio of 500 MW of solar advisory, and about 38 green buildings with platinum certifications.

500 MWSolar Advisory
2000 KWSolar PPAs
38 Platinum CertifiedGreen Buildings
Meet our team

Talents Behind Our Success

Solar Consultants Firstgreen Ltd., is a subsidiary of Firstgreen Consulting Pvt Ltd., one of India’s most respected solar solutions provider for over a decade. Solar Consultants Firstgreen Ltd., seeks to bring Technology in design and installation of customized Energy solutions, to Kenya’s pursuit of Energy independence, and present our Customers with value addition in solar power projects, at affordable and available financial resources.

Ranjit Singh Amrit
Director-Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited

Ranjit is the Director of our subsidiary Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited and controls the company operations in Kenya.

Dr. Sanjay Vashishtha

Dr. Vashishtha is the founder and CEO of Firstgreen Consulting. Dr. Vashishtha overseas the project origination, structuring and PPA negotiation for various clients in C&I sector as well as utility sector. Prior to FIrstgreen he has been working with Suzlon roup and DLF for developing solar and wind assets. Over the years, Dr. Vashishtha has worked across the value chain in the renewable energy domain along with various stakeholders

Guru ghataurhae
Director-Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited

Guru is the Director of our subsidiary Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited and controls the company operations in Kenya.

Why Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited

Our ongoing partnerships with Manufacturers of Tier-1 Solar Panels, top of the range inverters and Batteries guarantees a product with extended warranties and performance guarantee
Our partnership with Green project financiers and investors brings the low cost funding option to the solar project developers.
We work with you to mitigate against high costs of solar investment by offering you a commercially viable solar system at affordable price.

Solar Expertise

Affordable solutions

With significant of Firstgreeen India, We guarantee effective and affordable solar solutions.

Optimised Design

Design and Engineering experience

An optimized design system also guarantees a quicker return on investment

Experienced team

Experienced team

Our team is made up of experienced Engineers and business developers.


Partnerships with market leaders

We have partnered with market leaders of solar PV equipment suppliers to make our solutions reliable and cost effective.

Business ethics

Business ethics and values

 Our Directors are Persons with detailed success in Business management, Personnel development and Business ethics

Looking for Solar rooftopWater pumping Mini grids Energy storage Consulting?

Solar Consulting

Our solar consulting practice offers a wide range of services in the solar projects value chain. Our services includes the design engineering, project management, investment advisory, transaction advisory and O&M.

solar permitting and solar PV consulting services with one goal in mind: To educate our clients on the ins and outs of a solar PV investment.

Solar EPC

Our solar EPC team offers the EPC services for rooftop and utility scale plants to the developers and owners  Our Solar EPC solutions cuts across the ongrid as well as off grid systems. The solar PV systems are suitable for commercial enterprises operating in grid connected areas to reduced high electricity costs and backup power during utility grid failures.

Energy Storage

We work with the latest energy storage technologies and use them in conjunction with solar PV to provide solar PV_DG _battery solutions. In Africa we provide the solutions in the form of solar mini grid systems to our clients to meet their seamless energy requirements. We also work on the energy storage as grid ancillary service to our clients. 

Building automation

With advent of IoT technologies in the lighting and HVAC automation, the IoT based solutions are being adopted by our clients to improve the operational efficiency of their buildings. We analyse the building automation requirements of our clients and offer them customised solutions to meet their lighting, HVAC, and other building controls using the IoT based technologies. 

Our Partners

Firstgreen has built international reputation for providing comprehensive range of products and services for solar Projects. We have partnered with best of global technology and equipment suppliers to provide affordable and reliable solar solutions.


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