Maharasthra Govt's huge discounts on Green Buildings really boosts Green Buildings sector in Maharasthra

Like other states, Maharasthra Govt. also aims to promote green devlopment within the State & ensures that Maharasthra continues to be a vanguard in green buildings.As per their guideline issued Green Buildings have tremendous benefits both tangible & intangible.The most benefits lies in the reduction in water & energy consumption right from day one of Occupancy.The energy savings could range from 20-30% & water savings could range from around 30-50%.As per the Green Building Policy launched by Govt of Maharasthra, it is clearly mentioned that this Policy covers all type of commercial & resedential buildings in the State.Later it is also decided that Public Works Dept under Govt of Maharasthra issues notice regarding mandating all upcoming Govt. buildings & proposed retrofitting work of existing buildings in that State has to be complied with “Green Building concept”.

As per their guidelines State Govt has tied up by an agreement with GRIHA & LEED rating agencies respectively to certify the buildings as Green Buildings. As mentioned making a building green leads to marginal increase in cost of construction.For that the Govt. offers incentives to devlopers to ensure that the extra cost is not passed down to consumer.Consumers are also given incentives to give them awareness towards Green Buildings.

Let’s have a look on below about the detail rebates for Devlopers as well as Consumers as per their guidelines :

   For Devlopers,

 The State Govt will provide rebates on devlopment charges to the devlopers securing a green building certification.

     Ratings Rebates
  Three Stars   2.50%
  Four Stars     5%
  Five Stars    7.50%
   Ratings Rebates
   Silver     2.50%
   Gold      5%
  Platinum     7.50%


For Consumers,

Similarly the Consumers will be entitled to a property tax rebate for a period of five years after securing Occupancy Certificate based on the green building rating of the property secured from the empowered agencies.For Consumers the rebates are mentioned in a below table:

    Ratings     Rebates
  Three Stars       5.00%
   Four Stars         8%
   Five Stars     10.00%
    Ratings Rebates
     Silver      5.00%
     Gold        8%
  Platinum    10.00%


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