1 MWp Micro grid EPC Ground Mounted Project at DMIC DC Neemrana

1 MW solar PV DG hybrid solar EPC project at DMICDC Neemrana

COMPLETED: July 2018

Project Summary
DMICDC initiateed India.s first solar MW scale solar PV DG hybrid project at Neemrana. The power was sold as a bundled power to Mikuni Industries Ltd on 24X7 basis for this project under a power purchase agreement between DMICDC and Mikuni Industries. Thee solar PV DG hybrid system feeds power directly into the Mikuni industry power supply system with an uninterrupted power supply arrangement. 

Firstgreen Scope
Firstgreen scope was full design engineering procurement and installation of pthis project. Firstgreen also performed one year operation and maintenance pof this plant and handed successfully to DMICDC. 

Project Goals
This project was a first poilot demionstration project of Indo-Japan cooperation project. This was a challanging task to provide the power to a dedicated consumer with an uninterrupted power supply with a mix of solar PV and diesel generators.

The system was also installed with state of art SCADA system which not only monitored the solar PV system. but also monitored the diesel generators and client load at Mikuni Industries. A dedicated power evacuation line at 11 KV was laid down to Mikuni to inject the power in their loads.

System Specifications

Panel Type:Kyosera Poly crystalline modules
Panel Quantity: 400

Mounting system Type: Solar mountings with fixed tilt.
Foundation: Concrete pilesInverter Type: HItachi 500 kW
System Size [DC]: 1 MWp
System Size [AC]: 32 MVA
DC Voltage: 1000 V
AC Voltage: 11 kV
POCC Voltage: 69 kV

Key Features
1000V DC System
The 11 kV power evacuation system aggregates the power from two inverters and steps it up with use of step up transformer

Array follows site topography,. though the land area was typically flat

The 11 kV interconnection conductors cross underground to Mikuni factory site which is about 1 kM from the project site.

There are five DG sets with run in tendom with the solar PV system and provide uninterrupted power supply

Sophisticated SCADAsystem monitors the diesel generators, load and the solar power production to optimise the solar PV-DG hybrid system operation. 

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