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120 KW solar hybrid project at BPCL COCO Mathura

Project Case Study

BPCL is in the process of installing solar hybrid systems at its company owned company operated retail outlets on pan India basis. Firstgreen was hired for the proposed solar installations on all the COCOs.  Firstgreen provided the services related to engineering and design, tender document preperation, project construction supervision, and commissioning. The EPC was selectedd as Statcon for this project.

 Scope of Work

  • Plant Rating-120KWp SPV
  • Inverter Rating – 120Kva
  • Battery Rating – 96Kwh
  • RO load –50Kw (maxThe System designThe DC power produced by Solar PV Modules shall be fed to the solar hybrid inverters/ Power Conditioning Unit(s) (PCUs) for inverting DC into AC power. PCU shall use its MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) control to extract maximum energy from solar array.

    Features :-
    Active front end technology enables it to store the renewable solar energy in the battery as well as export any excess solar power generated to the grid through grid synchronisation, resulting in improved savings at consumer end.
    Battery charge via simultaneous sharing of power between solar and grid sources keeps the battery in peak charge condition, which leads to a longer life.

    In Hybrid system order of priority is PV > Grid > Battery.
    There are different scenarios as mentioned below :-
    Scenario 1:
    When Solar is present & grid is available :- In this scenario battery is charged through MPPT charger & mains load is supplied through grid.
    Scenario 2:
    When Solar is present, grid is available & battery is almost charged :- Surplus PV power is used for AC loads connected, only differential electricity is drawn from grid.
    Scenario 3:
    When Solar is present, grid is available , battery is almost charged & there is zero or very Little load:- Very little load is supplied through PV & export excess PV power to grid.
    Scenario 4:
    When Solar is present, grid is unavailable & battery is almost charged:- Surplus PV power & battery is used for AC loads (priority load) connected.
    Scenario 5:
    When Solar is present, grid is unavailable & battery is low:- DG will start, automatic synchronisation and load sharing of inverter with DG.
    Scenario 6:
    When low PV available (or absent) & grid is unavailable :- AC Load (priority load) supplied through stored battery energy.
    Scenario 7:
    When PV unavailable & grid is available:- Battery is charging through grid & load is supplied through grid.
    Scenario 8:
    When PV unavailable & grid is also unavailable:- Battery is charging through DG set & load is supplied through DG set.

    Special  Features-

    • Tubular positive plates – proven cycling and deep cycling capabilities.
    • Gelled electrolyte – no stratification and no failure due to PSOC, better heat dissipation.
    • Valve regulated – no water top up during service life.
    • Antimony free alloy – longer shelf life because of very low self discharge.
    • High pressure die cast spine grids – rate of grid corrosion is very low & hence higher float life.
    • Supplied in filled and charged condition – 100% capacity on first discharge.
    • Versatile in mounting – can be mounted both in horizontal and vertical orientation.

Main highlight

üMaximum optimization of Sun radiation.

üSOLAR power will always be in first priority followed with GRID & BATTERY

üZero interruption on priority loads

üReduction in electricity Bill.

üReduction in Diesel usage

üOnline monitoring will help in accessing the real data & faults.

üBatteries will be maintenance free.

üBreakeven point will be 3.5 Years

üHaving back up of 1-1.5hr on priority Load

üMaintenance free batteries




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