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234 kWp EPC Roof Top Project at M3M Urbana

EPC of 234 kWp Solar rooftop project at M3M urbana Gurgaon

Project Summary
M3M urbana is one of the leading commercial mall in Gurgaon and wanted to use solar power for its building operation. Firstgreen was appointed as a EPC contractor and the system was installed in record 60 days. 

The system is comprised of a 234 KW solar rooftop system with 6 injections points on different roofs. There is about 100 kWp DC capacity installed on elevated roof of the building so that the area bellow the rooftop solar can be utilised for multipurpose.

The solar rooftop system will reduce the building electricity needs from the utility grid by approximately 30% and will generate a net cost savings each year.

Firstgreen scope

Firstgreen’s scope was the full  engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC). During the project firstgreen conducted the site feasibility and produced a detailed installation scheme. The power from the system was injected at 440V in the LT side of the building.

  • System specifications
  • Panel Type: Renesola
  • Panel Quantity: 700 
  • Mounting Type: Rooftop strut channels
    Inverter Type: Sungrow 60 kW
  • Interconnection Type: Load side of the LT panel
    Utility Company: DHBVN

Key features

  • 234 KWp solar rooftop system
    Annual energy generation: 400.000 kWh
  • Distrobuted power injection at six LT panels in different roofs.
  • One year operation and maintenance by Firstgreen

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