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3 MW solar rooftop Project at JK Tyre Thiruvananthapuram

EPC of 3 MW solar rooftop project at JK Tyre factory at  Thiruvanthapuram

JK Tyre & Industries Limited in Thiruvanthapuram  wanted to develop a 3 MW solar rooftop system at its large spread roof of tyre factory. In this regards they wanted Firstgreen to provide the complete EPC services in this project. Firstgreen started the EPC work and conducted a detailed site survey by a surveyor as the main challenge in this project was to install the solar rooftop plant in running factory with all the safety precautions. The plant design and installation was very challenging but with the experience of our in-house team the plant was commissioned in specified time period of 45 days. 

Firstgreen Scope
Full scope engineering and overall project engineering and complete construction iun a pre specified time limit of 45 days. Firstgreen also performed construction administration and onsite construction management for the project’s installation.

Project Goals
In 2016, JK tyre launched a solar power pilot project to determine solar viability for their factories. The Thiruvanthapuram factory location was having ample space available for installation of over 10 MW of solar rooftop, however in Firstphase of the project,. it was decided to install 3 MW of solar rooftop capacity. With successful installation of the 3 MW solar rooftop project. JK tyre has replicated this initiative in its factories on pan India basis. 

Scope of work
  • Detailed Site-Survey
  • Detailed Design Engineering.
  • High Efficiency Rennesola Modules used in this Project.
  • High Efficiency Inverters- Delta
  • Installation & Commisioning of 3 MW rooftop Plant
  • Project scheduling
  • O& M for 1 years

System Specifications
Panel Type: Rooftop on metal roof
Panel Quantity: 10000
Mounting structure Type: Aluminum rail
Attachment: Penetrations
Inverter Type: Delta 50 kW, 42 inverters
System Size [DC]: 3 MWp
DC Voltage: 600 V
AC Voltage: 440 V

Key Features
Firstgren served as the overall solar project designer on this portfolio from initial site scoping to final system commissioning
Firstgreen conducted 1 year free O&M of the project and handed over to the site team..
The project was installed with reverse power relays to avoid the export of energy to the grid.

Due to the successful installation of solar rooftop system in its factory, JK Tyre continued its installatiohn on pan India basis in all its factories


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