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Arc is a new digital platform that uses data to help measure and improve sustainability performance across the built environment, from buildings to cities and beyond. Arc’s data-centric approach connects actions and tracks progress through a performance score that allows projects to track and benchmark progress.

30+ Clients

We are having India’s largest green building portfolio as a green building consulting firm.

38 LEED PlatinumCertified Buildings

LEED Volume Program

21 LEED GoldCertified Buildings

We have worked with some of the largest real estate groups in India.


Arc is the first-of-its-kind to track sustainability progress through a performance score to help drive continuous and incremental improvement. Arc scores create a holistic picture of the results of sustainability efforts at the building, portfolios, and community levels. Through the initial step of tracking data, Arc gives any project an immediate entry point to the world of performance measurement and certification, no matter where they are on their sustainability journey.

About LEED Arc

  • Arc helps buildings and places collect, manage and benchmark data to improve performance. It empowers teams to connect and collaborate as they work toward a higher quality of life.
  • Arc integrates with Energy Star Portfolio Manager and other industry tools to help teams identify opportunities.
  • The Arc platform is helping spaces and places perform at the highest levels and demonstrate economic, environmental and social responsibility.
  • Projects can use Arc to pursue certification using the LEED v4.1 beta, LEED v4 O+M, LEED v4 O+M: Transit, LEED for Cities or LEED for Communities rating systems. Projects that are not pursuing LEED or another certification can still use Arc to benchmark and track progress. Arc helps those projects see where they are and what next steps could help them improve performance or move them closer to certification.
  • Projects can leverage comprehensive global data analytics to help benchmark performance and view project ratings on a local and international scale.
  • Arc connects people to strategies for improvement and measures progress so that they can gauge how well the strategies they implement are working, helping them determine how best to save resources, time, and money.
  • Arc helps places communicate their aspirations and value using data as a way to attract businesses, residents, visitors, talent and investments.
  • With organizations often pursuing multiple sustainability actions at the same time, Arc helps keep teams informed of activity across the organization and provides a secure place to maintain data over time.

Arc for all

LEED Arc for all

Performance is the future of green building

Arc provides solutions to achieve green building certification, measure project performance, manage portfolios and transform cities.

LEED Arc for all

Achieve green building certification

Arc powers the next generation of sustainability.

Arc turns data into documentation. This makes green building certification faster, easier and outcome-driven. Arc is free for space and building, anywhere.

LEED Arc for all

Measure, compare and improve building performance

Arc helps make every building better.

Arc helps any space or building manage performance across five areas: energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience.

LEED Arc for all

Manage a portfolio

Arc brings sustainability to scale.

Arc provides tools to understand, track and communicate about performance across an entire portfolio of buildings. Arc makes it easy to create more value with existing data.

LEED Arc for all

Schools as teaching tools

Arc helps create better, healthier schools

Arc turns classrooms into living laboratories with hands-on exercises using real world tools. Every school can get started with Arc today.

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