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Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method

Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method is one of the global leading green building rating systems that is used to measure the environmental performance of new and existing buildings. BREEAM assessment has reached a strong market recognition and is recognised by construction and property sectors as the benchmark for best practice in environmental design and management. 

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BREEAM rating system is a highly flexible and  it is used to assess buildings of any type. It can be applied to new developments, refurbishments and fit out projects, building retrofit operations and maintenance. Non-standard buildings can be assessed against tailored criteria under the BREEAM Bespoke assessment. In order to encourage even greater international acceptance, both a BREEAM International scheme and country-specific BREEAM ratings  were developed.
BREEAM assessment uses recognized measures of performance to evaluate the building’s specifications, design, construction and use. These measures are set against nine categories and benchmark criteria, including:

  • Energy: building operational energy and CO2 emissions
  • Management: management policy, commissioning, site management and procurement
  • Health and Well being: indoor and external issues (noise, light, air, quality, etc.)
  • Materials: environmental impacts of building materials 
  • Transport: transport-related CO2 and location-related factors
  • Water: building consumption and efficiency
  • Waste: construction and operational waste management 
  • Pollution: water and air pollution
  • Land Use & Ecology: site and building footprint and ecological value and conservation.
 Aim of BREEAM
  • To mitigate the life cycle impacts of buildings on the environment
  • To enable buildings to be recognize according to their environmental benefits
  • To provide a credible, environmental label for buildings
  • To stimulate demand and create value for sustainable buildings, building products and supply chains.

BREEAM categories

Each of the criteria is scored and then multiplied by a weighting. According to the targeted rating level, there are minimum thresholds that must be achieved. Additions can be made for specific innovations. The resulting overall score is then translated into a rating on a scale of BREEAM certification levels: pass, good, very good, excellent and outstanding.

BREEAM Credit Categories

BREEAM Category


Management category encourages the adoption of sustainable management practices in connection with design, construction, commissioning, handover and after case activities to ensure that robust sustainability objectives are set and followed through into the operation of the building.

BREEAM Category

Health and Well being

Health and Well being category encourages the increased comfort, health and safety of building occupants, visitors and others within the vicinity. 

BREEAM Category


This category encourages the specification and design of energy efficient building solutions, systems and equipment that support the sustainable use of energy in the building and sustainable management in the building's operation.

BREEAM Category


This category encourages better access to sustainable means of transport for building users.

BREEAM Category


This category encourages better access to sustainable water use in the operation of the building and its site.

BREEAM Category


This category encourages steps taken to reduce the impact of construction material through design, construction, maintenance and repair.

BREEAM Category


This category encourages sustainable management (and reuse where feasibility) of construction, operational waste and waste through future maintenance and repairs associated with the building structure.

BREEAM Category

Land Use and Ecology

This category encourages sustainable land use, habitat protection and creation, and improvement of long term biodiversity for the building's site and surrounding land. 

BREEAM Category


This category addresses the prevention and control of pollution and surface water run-off associated with the building's location and use.

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