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The solar panels are placed at an inclined plane and during rainfall the solar panels are freely cleaned.. However during the dry seasons, the solar panels are subjected to dust and bird dropping.. 

If your house/premises is near a high traffic road, there is a dust deposition of traffic as well environment pollutants on solar panels.. This needs to be cleaned otherwise the power output of your solar plant reduces by over 20% due to uncleaned solar panels.

As a general thumb of rule, you should clean your solar plant every month.. If you are in high dust area the cleaning frequency can be of two weeks also. 

In case your plant is near some factory emitting pollutants, then you need to clean your solar panels more frequently.. 

Before you start cleaning of your solar plant, take safety precautions first.. Switch off the inverter and ACDB.. remove all the strings from the inverters so that all the strings are in open circuit.. Ensure wearing safety belts and boots, caps, etc before climbing on the roof. Choose cleaning in a dry sunny day to clean your solar panels..

Use soft brush and do not screatch your solar panels through hard materials..

Use Organic, Non Toxic, Non Poisonous, Human Friendly, Eco Friendly cleaning chemicals..


DO a complete visual inspection of all the solar panels for any damage, cracks.. Also check bird droppings, and wiring cuts through rodents..


Early in the morning or in evening is the best time for cleaning your solar panels.. 

We offer waterless and water based , robotic Panel cleaning services. PlasmaBerry is the authorized dealer of Robotic solar panel cleaning machines. Such services are applicable for large solar farms. white paper.

We use various options for solar panel cleaning, right from manual to Semi-automatic to robotic systems depending upon the site, array outlay and environmental conditions. 

The cost of solar panels cleaning depends on the size of your solar installation in kW.. A typical solar plant on a household roof with a 5 kW capacity, can be cleaned at a minimum cleaning charge of Rs. 600 per cleaning cycle. 

You can download an Easy solar mobile app which allows you to book solar panel through our cleaning partner near to your location. You can also call our toll free number to book a cleaning service request for your solar installation…

Solar panels are a great source of cheap electricity.. It cost less to produce solar power at your rooftop as compared to the grid electricity.. Your solar electricity is almost 30% cheaper than your grid electricity..

For maintenance of your solar panels, you need to be patient and diligent. If you are not aware about the safety risks of solar installation, then don’t attempt to clean your solar panels on your own.. Call the trained solar professionals.. 

These services are required when initially Solar panels are very dusty and various dirt like bird shit, debris, carbon particles are stuck on panel. This activity may be required only once.

Regular washing of the panel through biodegradable solution and purified water spray. This may be required on regular frequency depending upon the environmental conditions.

The anty dust coating on solar panels is done through use of a chemical solution that creates a thin film on solar panels.  Such thin layer without affecting any solar generation, ensures that no dust gets pasted onto module glass, allowing cleaning only through purified water. Even the frequency of water cleaning reduces by almost 50%. The life of this application is 2 years.

Module Cleaning Guidelines

We have compiled the module cleaning guidelines from the Warranty and Installation Documents of different PV modules about Soiling & Cleaning which are as follows: 1. JINKO Solar Warranty Document: Exclusions: subject to direct contact with corro...

Advanced Cleaning methods help a lot to increase the Solar Power generation. It also shows the difference between Dry & Wet Cleaning. What do you think which one is better- dry or wet cleaning? Let’s look on Firstgreen’s Solar article.

Growing energy demands, rising concerns over climate change, and volatile oil prices in the last decade have led to the need to produce more electricity from renewables. Due to the abundance of solar resource and advancements in the efficiency of Pho...

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