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ECBC Compliance Report

Firstgreen team is experts in generating ECBC compliance reports. Firstgreen offers full service green building certification. We also offer the design optimisation and financial modeling. Firstgreen team provides guidance to every step of your project development. We assist, in system sizing, equipment selection, energy yield pridiction, DC side engineering, AC interconnection protocols, permits and aprovals, and construction phase engineering. 

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We are having India’s largest green building portfolio as a green building consulting firm.

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ECBC Compliance

30%savings through increased yield

Guaranteed savings in your plant through our specialised plant performance assessment services.

Energy Conservation Building Code - Compliance

Our team provides expert guidance at every phase of your green building project. We provide a detailed execution strategy to meet the regulatory requirement under ECBC mandatory compliance. Our team of professional engineers, designers and analysts are experts work proactively to make your project realise as per your dream project. 

ECBC compliant buildings are likely to have less operating costs of buildings, less connected load, reduced demand charges, reduced capacity of transformer, panel, circuit breaker etc.Acceptable payback/IRR, for several energy conservation measures (ECMs)and necessity of showcasing use of few technologies, motivated to go beyond ECBC. However, the main driving force behind the project was the idea of learning by doing, capacity building and the showcasing of results as there is no better way than leading by example.

ECBC Compliance- General

A building shall be called ECBC compliant by complying with the mandatory provisions, (4.2-Envelope, 5.2HVAC, 6.2- SHW, 7.2 – Lighting, and 8.2 – Power) and either of the following:

(a) Prescriptive Method 

A building complies with the Code using the Prescriptive Method if it meets the prescribed minimum (or maximum) values for envelope components, comfort systems and controls, and lighting and controls, in addition to meeting all the mandatory requirements.

(b) Whole Building Performance Method 

building complies with the Code using the Whole Building Performance (WBP) Method when the estimated annual energy use of the Proposed Design is less than that of the Standard Design, even though it may not comply with the specific provisions of the prescriptive requirements. The mandatory requirements shall be met when using the WBP Method.

Our Design & Engineering Specialisation

ECBC Compliance - Building Envelope

Building Envelope

The building envelope shall comply with the mandatory provisions and the prescriptive criteria.

  1. Fenestration: U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Visual Light Transmittance
  2. Opaque Construction
  3. Daylighting: Daylighting simulation method, Manual Daylighting compliance method.
  4. Building Envelope sealing.
ECBC Compliance - Comfort system

Comfort systems

All heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment and systems, and their controls shall comply with the mandatory provisions and the prescriptive criteria for the respective building energy efficiency level. All service water heating equipment and systems shall comply with the mandatory provisions.


  1. All habitable spaces shall be ventilated with outdoor air in accordance with the requirements and guidelines specified in the National Building Code 2016 (Part 8: Building Services, Section 1: Lighting and Natural Ventilation, Subsection 5: Ventilation).

Ventilated spaces shall be provided with outdoor air using one of the following:

  1. Natural Ventilation
  2. Mechanical Ventilation
  3. Mixed mode Ventilation
ECBC Compliance - Lighting


Lighting systems and equipment shall comply with the mandatory provisions and the prescriptive criteria. The lighting requirements in this section shall apply to:

  1. (a)  Interior spaces of buildings,
  2. (b)  Exterior building features, including facades, illuminated roofs, architectural features, entrances, exits, loading docks, and illuminated canopies, and,
  3. (c)  Exterior building grounds lighting that is provided through the building's electrical service.
ECBC Compliance - Power


All electric and renewable energy equipment and systems shall comply with the mandatory requirements.

Power transformers of the proper ratings and design must be selected to satisfy the minimum acceptable efficiency at 50% and full load rating.

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