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Energy audit services for buildings and industries

Energy audit services for buildings and industries

Firstgreen adopts the most scientific and result oriented approach for Power Quality Analysis and Energy Auditing. A detail instrumented performance evaluation backed by computer Interfacing is carried out for each and every load point, Based on the measured data, detailed analysis is done to find out the scope of improvement in overall performance and points where energy can saved or better utilized. The same is submitted in the form of detailed report.


    1. Electrical energy audit
    • Study of overall load profile including voltage, current kW load, kVA load, PF and harmonics.
    • Study of load profile of individual transformer, Feeders and major motors.
    • Power factor improvement.
    • Max. Demand analysis, solution for avoiding penalties.
    • Most economical voltage level study.
    • Capacitor performance assessment.
    • Calculation of specific power consumption.
    • Adaptation of new Energy conservation technology etc.
    • Calculation of electricity cost on various machines.
    • Bifurcations of power consumption spend on productive machines and utilities and there comparison with the standards.
    • Line losses and its optimization.
    • Study of electrical safety system including Earthing, protection relays, circuit breakers etc.
    1. Power quality audit (Harmonic Analysis)
    • Detailed harmonic analysis
    • Assessment of total current harmonics (THDi) and total voltage harmonics (THDv).
    • Quantification of the losses occurs due to high level of harmonics.
    • Remedial action to be taken to overcome the ill effect of harmonics.
    • Ways and means to mitigate the same to improve power factor in presence of harmonic polluted environment.


    1. G. Audit
    • Calculation of specific fuel consumption (units/liters) on existing and different load condition, load optimization on D.G. and suggest the scope of fuel saving, D.G. efficiency trials, load bearing capacity of D.G. set, checking of general maintenance and suggest measures to achieve better fuel efficiency, power factor suggestions, techno-economic study of new D.G., solution for ad hoc problems etc.


    1. Automation & Modification
    • Detail analysis of system, product up gradation by value engineering, study and need of drives, sensors & PLC etc. analysis of feedback control in compressor D.G, humidification towers etc, development of on line monitoring & control system, need base implementation of SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition system)


    1. Motor Management
    • Motor’s addressing and coding, general checks for its installation safety and starting, check for the level of heating etc, general procedure for overhaul of motors, critical checkpoints of motor after rewinding ,motor’s performance evaluation incorporating percentage loading, formulation of maintenance schedule.


    1. Study of Pumps:
    • Evaluation of existing efficiency of pumps by measurement of flow, head, head loss and power.
    • Comparing flow at operating speed to design speed with expected flow.
    • Evaluating pump performance against their designed characteristics to recommend energy conservation measures like VFD’s
    • Suggestions to improve overall efficiency of pumping system


    1. Cooling tower Study
    • Evaluating cooling tower effectiveness
    • Pump performance study including efficiency head and flow.
    • L/G  ratio study
    • COC and blow down study
    • Evaporation loss calculations


    1. Air Conditioning Study
    • Analysis of various parameters like specific energy consumption, kW/TR, compressors, chilling units, cooling towers, primary and secondary circuit, AHU’s.
    • Further various measures would be suggested to improve the performance of entire HVAC system


    1. Study of lighting system
    • Performance test of system installed
    • Calculating recommended luminance level for various tasks
    • Calculation of installed lighting load efficacy and installed load efficacy ratio
    • ILER Assessment
    • Finding areas for improvement
    • Light control: Recommendation & design for grouping of lighting system, installation of occupancy sensors, installation of PLC based time based lighting control sensors, installation for exclusive transformer for lighting
    • Selection of energy efficient luminaries (LED’S) for required lux level and colors rendering index.


    1. Thermal Imaging / Thermography – Providing Soft And Hard Copy Of:
    • Thermal Imaging for HT Area, Electrical Panels, Cables, Bus bars
    • Report having information like Minimum, Maximum and Average Temperature Measured in Image


Building energy audits

Industrial energy audits
Building energy audits

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