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Energy Modeling for LEED energy compliance

Welcome to the Firstgreen Sustainability Academy course on ” Energy Modeling for LEED Energy Compliance”. This course is designed for building professionals who wish to understand the compliance option under ‘Minimum energy performance’ using eQuest energy modeling.  This course is also useful for any building professional who is working/has worked on any green building project. 

After completing this course, learners will have a basic knowledge of showing compliance through energy modeling in minimum energy performance credit of LEED rating system for New Construction and can explore subsequent courses by Firstgreen Sustainability Academy.


Firstgreen has 40+ Platinum certified buildings under its portfolio.

40%Water Savings

LEED certified buildings have less energy consumption, less water requirements and less waste disposal.

30% Energy Savings

Green building design can reduce energy consumption up to 30 percent.


With building construction and its operations being the biggest contributors to climate change and global warming, it isn’t surprising that green buildings are the need of the hour. Building industry is also capable of helping in the fight for climate change by achieving overall building efficiency, be it for energy, water, waste or occupant comfort.

Energy Modeling(also called as Energy Simulation or Building Simulation) is the process of building a computer model with all its components and simulate the Energy performance of the building. The simulation can be done for different parameters like different building envelope materials, different HVAC system to evaluate their impact on the performance

What you will learn : -

Module 1

Introduction to LEED Energy Credits

This module gives an introduction to LEED in general and discusses the energy credits related to Energy modeling and building energy performance.

  • Importance of Energy Analysis for Green Building Certification
Module 2

Complying with LEED energy credit

This module explains the compliance process for LEED energy credit: Minimum Energy Performance. Energy modeling is required for this credit which should comply with ASHRAE. 

Module 3

What is an Energy Model?

This module helps in understanding some of the reasons we use energy models, identifying the key elements of an energy model and different modeling tools to show LEED compliance.

Module 4

eQuest Modeling

This module demonstrates a step by step method of modeling a building in eQuest (energy modeling and simulation tool).

Module 5

Documentation for LEED Energy Credit

This module gives an explanation of the documentation required for 'Minimum energy performance credit'.

Dr. Sanjay Vashishtha

Dr. Vashishtha is the founder and CEO of Firstgreen Consulting. Dr. Vashishtha overseas the project origination, structuring and PPA negotiation for various clients in C&I sector as well as utility sector. Prior to FIrstgreen he has been working with Suzlon roup and DLF for developing solar and wind assets. Over the years, Dr. Vashishtha has worked across the value chain in the renewable energy domain along with various stakeholders

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