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Energy Storage

Firstgreen design and engineering team has extensive experience in designing the offgrid/ minigrid systems based on Lithium Ion Energy storage systems. We customise the energy storage systems to meet your specific technology, and application requirement. 


Over 10 MW of solar EPC projects

500 MW Solar Design Engg. Expertise

Service offering on pan India basis

10MWRooftop solar

Use of high reliability modules and inverters Best-in-Class efficiency

Energy Storage Systems

Firstgreen’s solar team has experience in designing of solar PV systems with energy storage to meet your un intrupted energhy requirements. Firstgreen’s team carry out the techno-commercial assessment of energy storage systems to meet your requirement. We also conduct the complete design and engineering of energy storage systems.

Our services related to energy storage systems include:

Site assessment

Solar PV + Energy Storage design

We conduct the battery storage system sizing and performance modeling on Homer and many other NREL tools. We al;so conduct the solar PV-plus-storage system sizing optimization

Solar Mini grid design

Design for solar mini grid and off grid systems

Firstgreen conduct the design of your solar minigrid with energy storage systems to meet your stand alone requirement. 

Techno-economic feasibility

Installation & Commissioning

Techno-economic feasibility assessment for energy storage systems is conducted using the simulation tools to suit your load conditions.

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