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EPC Project of 160 kWp Solar Roof Top Project at IREO Buildings

EPC for 160 kWp solar Installations on the IREO group buildings-Gurgaon Hills, Grand Arch. Victory Valley, and Corridors. 

Project Summary

This program of rooftop solar installations was initiated in Ireo group in early 205 with a requirement of 40 KWp solar rooftop system installation at each of its roof in the buildings like Ireo grand arch. Ireo Gurgaon Hills, Ireo Victory Valley and Ireo Corridors. Firstgreen conducted initial feasibility study for solar rooftop installation at each site, and installed 40 kWp solar capacity with SMA  inverters at each site.

Net metering

All of these solar rooftop systems are net metered, with the electrical interconnection located on the load side of the meter.
Scope of work

  • Detailed Site-Survey
  • Detailed Design Engineering.
  • High Efficiency Renewsys Modules used in this Project.
  • High Efficiency Inverters- from SMA
  • Installation & Commisioning of four project of 40 kWp each at the identified buildings. 

System Specifications

Panel Type:Poly crystalline
Panel Quantity:125 solar panels on each roof
Mounting structure Type:Strut channels witth GI coating
Attachment:Penetrations and ballast
Inverter Type:SMA & INVT
System Size [DC]:40 kWp at each roof
System Size [AC]:40 kW each roof
DC Voltage:600 V
AC Voltage:440 V
Cables LAPP

Solar rooftop EPC work at Ireo buildings in Gurgaon

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