Solar Rooftop without any upfront investment

Rooftop Solar PPA at FHSS

Faculty Higher Secondary School is located in North Guwahati, Assam, by the banks of river Brahmaputra. It has an idyllic surrounding in 16 acres of greenery. There were two connection of Discom with Connected load of 70 kW and 72 kW respectively.According to the APDCL Rooftop Solar guideline max. 80 % of connected Load can we Solarize. So, we went with 50 kW each on both connection. Firstgreen installed a 100 kWp solar power plant at Faculty Higher secondary School (FHSS) roof, which started supplying electricity to the entire FHSS campus in December 2018.The plant is expected to generate over 1.25 Lac electricity units to FHSS. The Net metering provisions have also been made in the campus to inject the surplus electricity in the grid.The system was designed to meet the life of the project for 25 years. Guwahati faces high wind speeds hence the system was designed to withstand a highest wind speed of 150 km/hr. The plant used best  best in class technology for PV modules and inverters and other components.

100 KWInstalled capacity

Power is fed directly to the internal loads of Faculty Higher Secondary School.

125000 kWhAnnual energy production

No Upfront investment from FHSS

30% Energy bill reduction

Guaranteed savings in your monthly electricity bill from solar PPA

Highlight of 100 kWp solar plant

Under the Solar Power Purchase Agreement Firstgreen has installed the solar rooftop system at Faculty Higher Secondary School, Amingaon and it owns and operates the system for the PPA tenure.  Firstgreen has signed the PPA for a tenure of 25 years. 

Procedure for Solar Rooftop PPA


Finalise the Power Purchase Agreement with the client

The clients signs a 10 years or 25 years power purchase agreement (PPA) with Firstgreen.


Installation of Rooftop Solar PV system without no upfront cost

Once the agreement has been signed, Firstgreen will fund and construct the PV system


Sale of electricity to the client

After completion, in accordance with the agreement, Firstgreen will sell the client the energy generated on site at the agreed price until the end of the contract.


Handover the plant to the building owner

We will handover the solar Plant to the building owner after completion of the PPA tenure. 

FHSS 100 KW Rooftop solar

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