Firstgreen webinar-Moving towards 1500V DC systems

Webinar schedule: 4th June, 2020 4-5 PM

Firstgreen webinar-Moving towards 1500V DC systems

Firstgreen regularly hosts webinars to solar industry professionals to share the latest developments in the solar sector. As solar industry is moving towards innovative technological changes, 1500V DC systems are the new innovation and many equipment suppliers are gearing up to adopt their products to meet the high voltage DC system requirements.  This webinar is aimed on will address the solar PV system sizing using 1500V DC systems.   The webinar will be conducted by Dr. Sanjay Vashishtha, CEO of Firstgreen Consulting, Mr. Anil Poluru, Senior Manager from TrinaSolar India and Mr. Lim Cheong Boon, Head of Product and Marketing, APAC from Trina Solar Asia Pacific

  1. Agenda for the webinar
    • Design consideration for 1500V DC systems
    • Is solar industry really adopting 1500V DC systems?
    • What are the requirements from module manufacturers to meet 1500V DC systems?
    • 500Wp Vertex Module 

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