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GRIHA Certification: IREO Corridors

Buildings represent a large fraction of global carbon emissions and energy consumption. In addition, shopping centres affect local communities in several ways. By integrating sustainability measures into our daily operations, we aim to do more than expected to achieve sustainable development. We have long promoted sustainable solutions through integrated energy planning. We have brought together the architects, building designers, and technology specialists to retrofit the existing buildings. Firstgreen has worked on some of the best projects of India such as LEED Platinum Volume project of DLF group which has been approved by USGBC as a part of country’s first LEED EBOM volume project. The DLF Emporio, DLF Mall of India , DLF Cyber Greens, DLF Plaza tower, Ericssion, DLF Square are some of our LEED Platinum rated buildings from USGBC. We have also registered the green building projects through GRIHA as well as IGBC.

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We are having India’s largest green building portfolio as a green building consulting firm.

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We have worked with some of the largest real estate groups in India.


IREO Corridor is a residential complex with about 3 Lac sqft builtup area. Ireo group appointed Firstgreen consulting for its green building certification from GRIHA.  The starting points of the planning for The Corridors are principles of sustainability and natural convenience. Its buildings have been constructed with materials which are durable and balanced enough to withstand the hot, dusty, infrequently wet environment of Haryana. Windows are crafted with glass material that does not require regular maintenance of cleaning them with precious water. Hence, it serves the dual purposes of saving cost and water.

Free energy from the sun will be harvested through the use of solar collectors for electricity generation on the roofs. The building is using local material like ‘Kota stone ect. which is reducing

 The building  have also incorporated a 40kW solar PV system on the roof which will supply power to the common area lighting of the building. Rigorous 3D energy modelling was done by Firstgreen team to assess the suitable glass selection in the building. The lighting was done using the LEDs to keep the lighting power density below 0.5W/SQFT. There will also be a provision for cyclists and showers to encourage building users to cycle rather than use a vehicle, again in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint.

We are hoping that IREO group will inspire the other developers to design their building in this way.  

Key Project information

Project Title: IREO Corridors

Building Type: Residential

Site Area:  1519804.50 Sq Mt

Built up Area: 294734.31 Sq Mt

GRIHA  Status:  Pre- Certified with 3 Star rating

Procedure for GRIHA CErtification


Registration with GRIHA

The building is registered with GRIHA  green building certification portal


Data collection during the performance period

The building data is collected related to Sustainable Site, Construction management, Water management, Energy optimization , Occupant comfort, Solid Waste management,Sustainable  Building Material, and life cycle Cost Analysis


Review of documentation by GRIHA team

GRIHA  closely review all the documentation and the Criterion  are awarded as per their norms.


Final certification

Once all the review replies are satisfied by the GRIHA review team, the building is awarded appropriate certification based on the Criterion approved. 

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