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Home Automation

Home automation has become a promising solution with the advent of IoT technology. Professional grade home automation systems can do amazing things. Firstgreen offers solutions from various vendors including Schneider and Panasonic. These solutions offer control for climate, home security, home entertainment, lighting, water pumping and more.

Home Automation Systems

Firstgreen offers home automation consultancy and IoT based system integration. We work closely with homeowners, architects, and interior designers, to provide seamless automation for both new constructions and retrofits.

Our services related to home automation include:


Lighting automation

Often lighting control and automation is based based on IoT technology through which we control the  lighting by the circuit, switch, or down to individual bulbs. The lighting systems can also be integrated with the curtain control of daylight, and occupancy sensors. 

Climate control

Climate control for homes and buildings

Firstgreen team can provide you the most appropriate thermostat solution for your home and integrate the thermostat into with the occupancy sensors.

Security and surveillance systems

Security and Surveillance

Firstgreenoffers professional grade surveillance camera systems that are on IoT plateform and can fully integrate into our home automation product offerings.

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