IGBC Green building certification for EBOM

Site & Facility Management Credit Mandatory Requirement 2 - Waste Collection & Disposal

The intent of  this credit is to Segregate building waste at source and facilitate proper disposal for recycling, thereby avoiding such waste being sent to land fills

Compliance Options

  • Demonstrate an ongoing solid waste collection and disposal system to include both hazardous & non-hazardous waste.

    Hazardous waste includes e-waste, batteries, lamps etc and non-hazardous waste includes paper, plastic, metals, organic waste, etc. The project has to follow the Hazardous Waste management Guidelines as prescribed by Ministry of Environment & Forest (MoEF), Government of India.

  • Have provision to segregate atleast food, e-waste, metals, plastic and paper in the central waste collection area

Documentation Required

  • List of waste generated, quantities and locations to which they were sent during the preceding 1 year.
  • Certificates / letters from manufacturers/ recyclers indicating the type of waste and quantity received
  • Photographs of central waste collection area
  • Strategies to implement the green policy

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