IGBC Green building certification for EBO&M

SF Credit - Heat Island Reduction, Roof: 50%, 75%

Possible Points -

The intent of  this credit is to Minimise heat island effect to reduce impact on microclimate.

Compliance Options

For exposed roof areas, have vegetation OR materials with high Solar Reflective Index (SRI) value (such as white/ light coloured tiles or high reflective coatings or other high reflective materials). Reflective materials / surfaces shall have a minimum SRI value of 78.

Points are awarded as below:

Exemplary Performance

Projects are eligible for exemplary performance under Innovation category, if more than 95% of the exposed roof area is covered with vegetation and / or high SRI materials.

Documentation Required

  • Photographs of roof areas covered with vegetated garden or high reflective coating or tiles.
  • Test certificate of high reflective material indicating its SRI value as per ASTM standards.
  • Calculations showing the extent of shaded roof area covered with green roof or high SRI materials.

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