J&K Rooftop subsidy scheme

Rooftop solar with 70% subsidy

SolarIsation of buildings in J&K JAKEDA has recently launched a subsidy program for which Firstgreen Consulting is a empannelled EPC partner to JAKEDA. Under the proposed scheme consumer has to pay only 30% 0f the project cost and balance 70% is paid by JAKEDA as subsidy for the solar rooftop system.

16932 Rs/KWConsumer contribution

Balance 70% payment is directly by JAKEDA to Firstgreen

5000 KWTotal capacity

Program is up to June 2020

39508 Rs/kWSubsidy from JAKEDA

Payback period is less than two years

System overview

Grid Connect solar rooftop Plant at factory roofs will consist of crystalline solar modules arranged in series and parallel combination meeting PCU/Inverter voltage and current requirement. The DC output from the solar Panel is directly converted to Grid Compatible AC Output using Grid Tied String Inverters .

Procedure for application


Submit your application with 30% contribution

Apply in the available JAKEDA subsidy aopplicaiton form with your 30% consumer contribution


Isseance of NOC from PDD

Firstgreen will be taking NOC from Discom for your connectivity and net metering


Installation of solar rooftop system

Firstgreen will complete the installation of solar rooftop system at your facility 


Net metering and final handover

Firstgreen will help in your net metering and final handover. Enjoy the clean lectricity forever.

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