LEED Certification v4.1

LEED for Cities & Communities

LEED for Cities & Communities is a LEED rating system that revolutionizes the way cities and communities are planned, developed and operated in order to improve their overall sustainability and quality of life.


10 years experience in green building and sustainability practices

38 LEED PLATINUMGreen Buildings

Track record of 38 LEED Platinum certified buildings. 

35 Design expertsTeam

In-house capacity of conducting the energy and daylight simulation

LEED for Cities & Communities

LEED for Cities and Communities helps projects credibly track progress toward overall sustainability objectives and allows for comparison with others around the world. The platform serves cities and communities of all shapes and sizes and at all phases of their evolution. Participants can be public or privately managed, new or rapidly developing places, mature or fully built-out places, neighborhoods or districts, counties or even states or countries.

Cities eligible under this rating are cities with governing body and include cities, towns, counties, or other local jurisdictions.

Communities eligible under this rating are non-city places i.e regions, districts, business improvement districts, economic development zones, neighborhoods, campuses, & military installations.

Categories in LEED for cities & Communities Rating:

Registration Process


Registration with certification body

The building is registered with USGBC green building certification portal


Data collection during the performance period

The building data is collected during the performance period related to energy, water, IEQ, Material, and waste management


Review of documentation

The certification body  closely review all the documentation and the credits are awarded as per their norms.


Final certification

Once all the review replies are satisfied by the USGBC review team, the building is awarded appropriate certification based on the credits approved. 

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