Green building certification

LEED Platinum Certification of Express towers Mumbai

The certification process started in June 2021. Firstgreen conducted a site assessment and created the first requisites. Measures related to Energy, Water, Waste, ventilation requirement, etc were implemented to target Platinum certification of the Project. Firstgreen also conducted energy audit, water audit, Indoor environment quality audit for project to meet the certification requirements.

Building overview


    Office: Mixed-Use Green building Size: 353512 sq. ft

    LEED Status: LEED for Existing Buildings O&M- Platinum

Strategies & results

Procedure for LEED CErtification


Registration with USGBC

The building is registered with USGBC green building certification portal


Data collection during the performance period

The building data is collected during the performance period related to energy, water, IEQ, Material, and waste management


Review of documentation by USGBC

USGBC closely review all the documentation and the credits are awarded as per their norms.


Final certification

Once all the review replies are satisfied by the USGBC review team, the building is awarded appropriate certification based on the credits approved. 

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