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LEED Volume Program

The LEED Volume Program is designed to meet the certification needs of high-volume chain retailers and other property developers. Using a prototype-based approach, the Volume Program enables large-scale organizational builders to deliver a consistent end product, thereby earning LEED certification faster and at a lower cost than would be possible with individual building reviews.

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We are having India’s largest green building portfolio as a green building consulting firm.

38 LEED PlatinumCertified Buildings

LEED Volume Program

21 LEED GoldCertified Buildings

We have worked with some of the largest real estate groups in India.

LEED Volume Program

The LEED Volume Program offers a streamlined solution for organizations that intend to certify at least 25 design and construction projects or existing buildings. By leveraging similarities between buildings, quality control practices, and education programs, participants benefit from economies of scale and submittal flexibility. The program was designed for entities like state governments that have a large portfolio of buildings to manage, and that are pursuing better building and operations practices on an organizational basis.

Basic Process of LEED volume certification

Certification through LEED volume certification involves three main steps:

  1. Get started with LEED volume certification by applying for admittance, connecting with your new account manager and attending the required orientation after submitting the volume certification admission fee.
  2. Pre-certify a prototype that can be applied across your building portfolio by submitting key documentation and the prototype fee in LEED Online, and then participating in the review process.
  3. Certify projects based on your prototype and participate in ongoing, quality-assurance audits.


• Streamlines the project certification process
• Allows participants to leverage their own green building practices and tools, tailoring them to align with LEED where needed
• Reduces project soft and hard costs as the quantity and consistency of projects goes up
• Connects teams with a dedicated review team at GBCI that offers continued technical support throughout the process

LEED Volume - Process

LEED Volume - Get Started

Get Started

After you submit your volume application and it is accepted, you’ll receive a dedicated USGBC account
manager and a portfolio in LEED Online, the web-based resource for managing the LEED documentation process, as well as access to a variety of tools and resources, including dedicated technical support. The portfolio is a group tool that allows you to track and organize prototypes and volume projects, in one place. Within LEED Online, all members of a portfolio's team will have access to prototypes and projects.

LEED Volume - Pre Certify

Pre- Certify

Prototype pre-certification is the process in which prototype standards are developed and reviewed prior to the implementation of volume projects. This phase of LEED volume certification includes registering and submitting the prototype in LEED Online, at which point the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI: the organization responsible for administering LEED certification) will conduct a comprehensive review to
ensure that it meets LEED volume certification requirements.

LEED Volume - Certify


During the certification phase, you can register and begin construction on your volume projects, and pursue certification for them using the prototyped standards and credits. For LEED EB: O+M prototypes, you may begin the performance period for your volume projects.

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