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LEED - Commercial Interiors

LEED-CI is the industry benchmark for green design and construction
of tenant improvements. Using LEED-CI, tenants and design teams can
make sustainable choices and improve the indoor environment within the
scope of work they control. LEED-CI certification is third-party validation
of the sustainability achievements of tenant improvement projects, and
provides a recognized leadership brand to promote interior environments
that are healthy, productive and efficient.


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LEED Commercial Interiors

LEED for Commercial Interior enables project teams, who may not have control over whole building operations, the opportunity to develop indoor spaces that are better for the planet and for people.The LEED for Commercial Interiors Rating System is applicable to tenant improvements of new or existing office space.

· LEED ID+C: Commercial Interiors. Interior spaces dedicated to functions other than retail or hospitality.
· LEED ID+C: Retail. Interior spaces used to conduct the retail sale of consumer product goods. Includes both
direct customer service areas (showroom) and preparation or storage areas that support customer service.
· LEED ID+C: Hospitality. Interior spaces dedicated to hotels, motels, inns, or other businesses within the
service industry that provide transitional or short-term lodging with or without food.

LEED – CI Certification Levels

Commercial Interiors Process

LEED CI - SS (7 Points)

Sustainable Sites

• Develop only appropriate sites
• Reuse existing buildings and/or sites
• Protect natural and agricultural areas
• Support alternative transportation
• Protect and/or restore natural sites

LEED CI - WA (2 Points)

Water Efficiency

• Reduce the quantity of water needed fore the building
• Reduce municipal water supply and treatment burden

LEED CI - EA (12 Points)

Energy and Atmosphere

• Establish energy efficiency and system performance
• Optimize energy efficiency
• Encourage renewable and alternative energy sources
• Support ozone protection protocols

LEED CI - MR (14 Points)

Materials and Resources

• Use materials with less environmental impact
• Reduce and manage waste
• Reduce the amount of materials needed

LEED CI - EQ (17 Points)

Indoor Environmental Quality

• Establish good indoor air quality
• Eliminate, reduce and manage the sources of indoor pollutants
• Ensure thermal comfort and system controllability
• Provide for occupant connection to the outdoor environment

LEED CI - IN (upto 5 additional Points)


• Recognize exemplary performance in any achieved LEED-CI credit
• Recognize innovation in green building categories not addressed by current LEED-CI credits
• Include LEED Accredited Professional on project team

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