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Lighting simulation

The lighting analysis feature enables Architects and Designers to visualise the effect of light within their designs. This can be used to simulate the effect of heat caused by the sun’s interaction with a design, or to find dark spots in a building, to reduce energy consumption by maximising the use of daylighting. 


We use latest technologies for lighting analysis.

100000 sq mFootprint area

Passive daylight strategies used

30% savings through increased yield

Savings by lighting analysis using prescriptive and simulation based approach

Lighting analysis

Our team expert have been relying on latest software programs like Dialux, Revit, Design builder as our simulation have proven trustworthy on many  projects. From retail to hotel and office to warehouse, we can ensure results of the highest integrity using the latest technology.

Lighting simulation

Daylight analysis

Daylight analysis

Analysis provides quantitative information (annual available natural light, thermal impacts of natural lighting, solar shading analysis, etc.). Simulation is used to create a qualitative visual interpretation of what the space may actually be like (renderings)

Artificial lighting analysis

Artificial lighting

Analysis of artificial lighting is to ensure that adverse components of lighting (for example, glare or incorrect color spectrum) are not biasing the design. This also helps in energy saving, choosing luminaires and spacing between these fixtures.

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