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Firstgreen team is experts in in photovoltaic system design & engineering.Firstgreen offers full service solar PV design & engineering services, ranging from civil, electrical, and structural engineering. We also offer the design optimisation and financial modeling. Firstgreen team provides guidance to every step of your project development. We assist, in system sizing, equipment selection, energy yield pridiction, DC side engineering, AC interconnection protocols, permits and aprovals, and construction phase engineering. 


We are having India’s fastest growing solar developers for commercial and industrial solar rooftop

2000KW Solar PPAOperational projects

No Upfront investment from consumers

30% savings through increased yield

Guaranteed savings in your plant through our specialised plant performance assessment services.

Solar EPC: MMS

Our team provides expert guidance at every phase of your solar project. We provide a detailed site plan and execution strategy to meet the regulatory requirement for your solar plant. Our team of professional engineers, designers and analysts are experts work proactively to make your project realise as per your dream project. Our team understands that each project is unique so we design module mounting structure as per your project requirement and site condition.We offer following services under Module Mounting Structure.The following are our offerings in module mounting structure.

Key Points : -

Structural engineering specialists

Structure Engineering Specialists

Our inhouse team of structural engineers are specialists in designing of your solar structures at best optimisation levels. We design the solar structures to meet the max uplift load conditions and sismic loads for its stability for 25 years. Our team uses latest softwares such as staad pro software to analyse the structural loading on each structural member. 

Structure Offerings

Structure Offerings

Firstgreen have a decicated structural team who analyses the project requirement and provide structure design as per project requirements.Structure depends on the type of installation i.e for Rooftop installation different type of structure are used where as for Ground Mount installation different types of structure are used.Structure which we offers are listed below.

  1. Hot Dip GI Structure for both Ground Mount & Rooftop Installation.
  2. Aluminium Structures for GI shed Rooftop Installation.
  3. Super Structure for Carports, Commercial Buildings.
Foundation Specialists

Foundation Types

Firstgreen knows that foundation type is unique because in ground mount installation foundation type depends on soil & land topography.But in case of rooftop installation it differs from roof to roof as some roof owners allows punching of roofs some doen't.So Firstgreen highly experienced structural team provides most efficient structure solution as per your project requirement.Firstgreen offers following types of foundation.

  1. RCC Foundation 
  2. Ballasted Foundation

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