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Mostadam has been developed by Sustainable building as a comprehensive sustainability rating and certification system to address the long term sustainability of residential buildings in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Mostadam addresses a wide range of sustainability issues immportant to KSA and supports the aspirations of Vision 2030.

MOSTADAM Structure

Mostadam has three rating systems. These rating systems focus on Residential Buildings, Communities, and Commercial Buildings. Each rating system has two elements, one is for Design and Construction and the other is for Operational and Existing.

The categories of Mostadam are various, but they can be summarized as follows

MOSTADAM Credit Categories

Category - 1

Site Sustainability

facilitated by most idle for residential building site sustainability category which rewards the protection and management of ecological assets in the project development sites. project team that pursue site sustainability credit will use surveys, ecological assessment and construction best practices to reduce the impact of their development on the environment environment

Category - 2

Transportation and Connectivity

Mostadam rewards developments that are located near existing or planned public transit to benefit from the infrastructure investments across the country and promoting healthy lifestyle.

Category - 3

Efficient Energy and Water Use

All certified buildings will have achieved a minimum level of energy performance and undertaken commissioning activities to ensure the building is operating efficiently and as intented.

Category - 4

Region and culture

Mostadam encourages sense of community by rewarding projects that rae located near esatblishments and amenities that enable participation in activities and events to cultivate a sense of belonging and nurture vibrant societies collectively.

Category - 5

Health and comfort

This category promotes equal opportunities for women and for people with disabilities and providing more comfortable otdoor environments. it also addresses IEQ and ocupants well being.

Category - 6

Education and Innovation

This category encourages to promote a culture of sustainability and to help recognize the value of sustainable homes.

Category- 7

Materials and Waste

This category addresses the challenge of waste production rates by increasing the efficiency of its waste management sector and by establishing comprehensive recycling projects.

Category - 8

Policies and maintenance

This category focuses on the policies that should be prepared and the management procedeures that should be established, to ensure sustainable operation.

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