Operation and Maintenance

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Firstgreen team is experts in operation and maintenance of solar projects and provide services related to preventive meintenance, plant performance assessment, monitoring the solar generation and anaysis of data from the plants, benchmarking of the solar generation from array fields, plant availability, plant yield assessment, information management, etc. 


We are having India’s fastest growing solar developers for commercial and industrial solar rooftop

2000KW Solar PPAOperational projects

No Upfront investment from consumers

30% savings through increased yield

Guaranteed savings in your plant through our specialised plant performance assessment services.

Solar Plant Comprehensive O&M services

Firstgreen offers the comprehensive operation and maintenance services to our utility scale as well as rooftop solar clients. Our services include the following:

Three critical steps for the plant operation and maintenance


Data naalysis and review

The plant historic data is collected from the inverters and other BoS systems. The data analysis desk review is done before the site visit is planned by our team


IDevelop a preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance plan

Firstgreen uses a computerised maintenance plan which provides the maintenance plan at each stage of the plant and systems. 


Modification plan

The computerised data analysis provides a plant modification plan to reduce the overall maintenance cost as well as increased yield. 

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