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Passive Architectural Design

Passive architecture involves combining conventional architecture principles with wind and solar energy and inherent properties of building materials to ensure the building provides human comfort in terms of Ventilation and Thermal comfort during all climatic changes.


Our team has great knowledge on passive design strategies.

100000 sq mProject area

Green footprint area

20% savings through increased yield

Savings in your building through our passive design strategies.

Passive Architecture strategies

Passive architectural design, an approach to building design that uses buildding architecture to minimize energy consumption. These strategies are features innate to the form and design of a building that channelize available natural resources to ensure thermal comfort.

Our passive strategies Specialisation

Spatial planning

Spatial planning

optimising spatial planning and orientation to control solar gains and maximise daylighting, manipulating the building form and fabric to facilitate natural ventilation strategies and making effective use of thermal mass to help reduce peak internal temperatures

Roof garden

Roof graden

Planted roof or green roof can be defined as roof that consists of vegetation and growing medium. We help clients in choosing the species, strategies and implementation of roof garden.

Light shelf

Light shelf

Light shelf is a passive architectural device used to reflect natural daylight into a building. 'Bouncing' sunlight off a horizontal surface distributes it more evenly and deeply within a space, whereas direct sunlight can cause glare near an opening, whilst leaving dark areas further in. We help in design and implementing light shelf.

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