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Plant performance monitoring

Plant Performance is basically is a powerful Buisness Intelligence Sollution for improving productivity & operational efficiency.On the other hand Performance Monitoring is a set of process to be able to determine how well the system is running. Overall this whole approach is important in every aspects whether in terms of Power Plant or in Renewable energy sector.


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Plant performance monitoring

In today’s era The Plant Performance Monitoring is most necessary as well as important. By continually monitoring the performance characteristics of key assets, the causes of reduced production can be identified very early so timely action can prevent losses resulting from downtime and emergency repairs. In case Solar Plant similarly Better Performance is required to utilize the energy & quickly recover the Invested money. The main objective of performance assessment of the solar PV plant is to evaluate that whether the given solar PV power plant is performing as per the realistic maximum performance expectations or not.

Plant performance monitoring -scope of work

O&M services

Preventive maintenance

Data analytics and condition monitoring coupled with best practices to ensure desired energy yield from your solar  power plant. Our approach is proactive & aims to fix plant failures before they really happen through pro active measures. 

O&M services

Corrective maintenance

As faults are detected, urgent care is given to repair, restore or replace the defective devices. Our highly skilled O&M team solves the plant failures in a minimum response time to avoid the extended plant downtime. The skilled application of corrective maintenance not only solves the immediate problem but avoids a range of costly system failures. .

O&M Services

Financial modeling

We manage the plant spares and maintain the record of consumables. Our team conduct regular spare inventory and break down analysis to ensure sufficient spares at site. A record of spares and equipment warranty is maintained to ensure smooth plant operation. 

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