Solar Rooftop EPC Kenya

Solar Rooftop EPC

Installation of solar rooftop system is not just installing solar panels and inverters. There are many asopects to take care right from the site assessment, to design engineering and a good workmanship. So it is important to decide, what kindly company you are selecting your EPC contractor. For this solar consultants Firstgreen limited can assist you in providing an end to end solution to meet your customised requirement. 


500 MWSolar projects

Firstgreen has worked on consulting and EPC services for the solar rooftop and ground mounted projects.

20 PPAs

Firstgreen has developed over 20 Solar projects under the PPA mode, providing affordable electricity to consumers..

150 Clients

Firstgreen has over 150 satisfied clients, which includes the individuals as well as large corporates. 

Some of the key reference solar EPC projects

Solar PV + Energy Storage : Ol Tukai resort, Amboseelly Kenya

Petrol Pumps : 55 kW, and 35 KW solar pumps with VFD controller at Aquila flowers, Kenya

Industrial rooftops max size: 3 MW single location

Solar PV DG minigrid: 1 MW of DMICDC is the largest EPC done by Firstgreen 

Key Strength

Procedure for a solar rooftop PPA


Site survey

Comprehensive Engineering


Finalise PPA

Finalise the power purchase agreement with the consumer


System design

Structure design, DC and AC sizing, Array Layout, Electrical Specification, BOQ 



Construction, grid interconnection, approvals for net metering, and project monitoring

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