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Owners engineer services

Third party due diligence is essential for any solar project. We work with owners/project developers as owners engineer and add value and confidence that your solar project will stay online producing power as expected. Firstgreen engineers provide industry leading unbiased technical reviews of your solar project.


We are having India’s fastest growing solar developers for commercial and industrial solar rooftop

2000KW Solar PPAOperational projects

No Upfront investment from consumers

30% savings through increased yield

Guaranteed savings in your plant through our specialised plant performance assessment services.

Owners engineering services

Our owners engineer services revolves revolves around the independent engineering design review, and how the different sub systems will be connected to provide the expected plant configuration. Our extensive experience in solar project design and development helps clients to get an independent review and supervision of the project to ensure the desired energy yields from the project. THe typical activities in owners engineer services include the following: 

owners engineer- scope of work

Owners engineering

Design review

Our design engineering team will carry out the design optimisation iterations to optimise the project costing with max energy yield.

Owners engineering

Project commissioning

Our team will conduct a complete pre commissioning and commissioning checks for your project. We will evaluate the performance ration and evaluate the losses in the plant at each stage to ensure the desired power output from the plant. 

Owners engineering

Regulatory approvals and compliances

We provide assistance to the clients to get all the necessary regulatory for the plant commissioning and coordinate with the government authorities. 

Our Clients

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