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Solar Carport

Solar Carport

We offer solution for building owners for solar carports. We have state of art carport designs developed with the help of our mounting structure partners which can be integrated to your building requirements.Carports are a good use of available land and put an elevated solar structure to generate solar and use electricity in building ancillary services. . 


We are having India’s fastest growing solar developers for commercial and industrial solar rooftop

2000KW Solar PPAOperational projects

No Upfront investment from consumers

30% Energy bill reduction

Guaranteed savings in your monthly electricity bill from solar PPA

How does a carport work ?

THe commercial buildings have lkarge car parking space which can be easily converted in to a solar powered carport. This enhances the value of your space as well as usage of the space. The electricity generated can be used in the building loads and reduce your costlier grid electricity usage. 

How to Check feasibility of solar carport on your building?


Ensure that there is no shadow of trees and nearby buildings ion the area

First conduct the shadow analysis of the for a shadow free solar access


Check power evacuation feasibility

Check the power evacuation feasibility from the identified carport area. the distance of LT panel should not be too far from the solar carport area. 


Conduct the building load analysis

Firstgreen has been partner for developing the solar portfolio for many corporates in India and many other countries.

We are a highly skilled team with our head office in Gurgaon and offices in Jaipur, Guwahati, Jamu, Hyderabad, and CUttack. to cater our clients in almost al the states in India. We also have our office in Kenya to provide our solutions in African countries. Firstgreen provides solutions to its clients as EPC and consulting partner.


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