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Solar PV system sizing- Off grid solar systems

Welcome to the firstgreen solar academy ccoue on ” Solar PV system sizing-Off grid solar systems” This course is designed for the solar professionals who wish to develop their expertise in off grid/stand alone solar PV system design anddd immmeetion. The participants shall learn all about load analysis, PV array sizing, battery and inverter selection, and complete BOQ preperation. This line course is with four modules with online video lectures aan cises along with case studies. The course uses various teaching tools, battery sizig calculations and off grid system design on PVSYST. The course participants will be able to create their own system design based urr sle templates, and calculation excel sheets. This course is ideal for the beginer level entrepreneurs who wish to develop their career in solar off grid system installation. 


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Solar PV system Sizing-Off grid solar PV systems

Solar hybrid systems with battery sotrage are a mor reliable solution to the home owners and commercial building owners. It can be combined with the other sources such as diesel generators. This course teahces the participants on the step by step procedure for designing a solar hybrid system. The course is useful to the employees of EPC companies, first time solar investors, solar developers, and banks & financial institutions. 

The course start with an introduction to the basic principles of financial modeling, and then continue with calculation of financial parameters such as IRR, NPV, LCOE etc related to solar projects. The course will also deminstrate the calculation of tax benefits such as accelerated depreciation benefits. The course will be based on financial modeling on an excel based tool which will be provided to the course participants as part of this course. The course will be built on case studies related to solar rooftop as well as groundmounted system cash flow analysis.  The main topics covered in this course are as follows:

What you will learn : -

Module 1

Basic principles of PV system sizing

you will be able to design the solar PV system for any of your off grid application

Module 2

System sizing and component selection

System sizing and component selection using various tools such as PVSYST and other excel based analysis for load analysis of a stand alone solar PV system 

Module 3

Estimating savings and pay back period

You will be able to carry out the complete pay back calculation and profitability assessment based on the simple payback tool in excel. 

Module 4

Case studies of off grid/stand alone solar PV systems

You will be able to have practical applications of off grid solar PV systems

Solar off grid sizing case study

Dr. Sanjay Vashishtha

Dr. Vashishtha is the founder and CEO of Firstgreen Consulting. Dr. Vashishtha overseas the project origination, structuring and PPA negotiation for various clients in C&I sector as well as utility sector. Prior to FIrstgreen he has been working with Suzlon roup and DLF for developing solar and wind assets. Over the years, Dr. Vashishtha has worked across the value chain in the renewable energy domain along with various stakeholders

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