Rooftop Solar scheme

Rooftop solar Solutions

As the cost of electricity for domestic consumers continues to rise, more and more consumers are turning to alternative power. Firstgreen provide a complete solution, helping home owners and investors reduce their monthly electricity bill.

1500 units/yearElectricity production

REduced carbon emission. green electricity

200 Rooftop solarSatisfied consumers

Best of Industry PV modules and Inverters

40000 Rs/kWInstallation cost

Payback period is less than two years

System overview

Firstgreen is the leading installer of solar rooftop and ground mounted systems in India.  One of the country’s few solar energy MNRE approved EPC company. We provide solar PV system solutions for businesses across India including Assam, J&K, Rajasthan, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, and Meghalaya.

We have a quality first approach to the solar panels and BoS systems we select for our clients and back this up with guarantees and warranties from OEMs. We are renowned in the solar power industry for our technical knowledge base and informative approach in helping our clients to propose customized solution to meet their requirements. 

Procedure for Installation


Site assessment

Our engineers will visit your facility and will conduct the site solar survey.


Design and Engineering

Our team will design a suitable rooftop solar system to meet your requirement.


Installation & COmmissioning

Our team will deliver all the items at your site and will commission the system within stipulated timelines. 


Net metering and final handover

Firstgreen will help in your net metering and final handover. Enjoy the clean lectricity forever.

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