Solar Rooftop

Solar Rooftops by Firstgreen

Firstgreen has vast experience in turnkey EPC and PPA based solar rooftop project development. e work on solar rooftop projects for residential sector under MNRE subsidy program with up to 70% subsidy. We also work on the high value industrial and commercial PPAs. We integrate cutting edge solar module and inverter technologies to provide you the highest return on your investment. 

500 MWSolar projects

Firstgreen has worked on consulting and EPC services for the solar rooftop and ground mounted projects.

20 PPAsIndoor water use reduction

Firstgreen has developed over 20 Solar projects under the PPA mode, providing affordable electricity to consumers..

150 ClientsCarbon footprint offset

Firstgreen has over 150 satisfied clients, which includes the individuals as well as large corporates. 

Overview of a solar rooftop projects

Subsidy programs; : Assam, Jammu, & Rajasthan

Petrol Pumps : Wmpanneled vendor with Indian oil

Industrial rooftops max size: 3 MW single location

Solar PV DG minigrid: 1 MW of DMICDC is the largest EPC done by Firstgreen 

Key Strength

  • Successfully handled over 500 MW of solar advisory projects to various projects to some of the leading solar project developers.
  • In-house capacity of conducting the detailed engineering and design of solar power projects with strong team of over 30 design experts.
  • Over 10 years of experience in design, engineering and project management of large solar power projects as well as solar rooftop projects.
  • Project management expertise and strong technological knowhow on handling the solar power projects.
  • Successful track record of executing large solar rooftop project up to capacity of 3 MW under challenging climatic conditions.
  • MNRE Channel partnership for new entrepreneurs. Firstgreen is also a SETNET partner to National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) for conducting the solar PV training programs to the solar professionals.
  • Excellent relationship with the financial institutions and Banks for arranging the financial closure to our clients.
  • Firstgreen blog is one of the largest technological know-how resource to solar professionals ( Our daily footfall is over 11000.

Procedure for a solar rooftop PPA


Site survey

Comprehensive Engineering


Finalise PPA

Finalise the power purchase agreement with the consumer


System design

Structure design, DC and AC sizing, Array Layout, Electrical Specification, BOQ 



Construction, grid interconnection, approvals for net metering, and project monitoring

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