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TRUE Certification

Firstgreen Consulting, a vanguard in renewable energy consulting, has expanded its portfolio of services by offering the acclaimed TRUE Certification. As businesses today endeavor to significantly lower their environmental footprints, this certification acts as a hallmark of their waste diversion achievements. Beyond a commitment to the environment, it serves as a strong reinforcement of their corporate message, strengthens investment profiles, and escalates ESG rating.

Building overview

Key Information:

  • What is Zero Waste? A pledge to reduce waste, focusing on sustainability by reusing, recycling, and reducing waste to near zero levels.
  • What is TRUE Certification?

    TRUE Certification is a system used for businesses to define and achieve their zero waste goals. TRUE evaluates how well companies minimize their waste and resource use.

Key components of TRUE certification

Procedure for TRUE Certification


Project registration


Begin by registering your project with the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). This step typically involves providing basic information about your facility or company and the scope of your zero waste initiatives.


Documentation & Application:

Collect data and evidence related to your zero waste initiatives. This includes information about waste diversion practices, recycling efforts, reduction strategies, and more.

Fill in the necessary application forms and submit along with the collected data. This application serves as a comprehensive portrayal of your project's adherence to TRUE certification requirements.


Assessment and review

Once your application is submitted, a third-party assessor will review your documentation to ensure it meets TRUE certification criteria. In many cases, an on-site assessment might be required. The assessor visits your facility to verify the submitted data and evaluate the implementation of zero waste practices.


Final certification

If your project meets all the criteria, you'll be awarded the TRUE certification. The level (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) will depend on the number of credits achieved. With the certification in hand, you can now promote your achievement. Showcase your commitment to sustainability and zero waste, which can be a valuable asset in terms of branding and stakeholder trust.

Firstgreen Consulting, renowned for its expertise in the renewable energy and sustainability sector, is proud to announce its latest achievement - securing the TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) Platinum Certification for both HCL Group and DLF Group. This certification is a testament to the unwavering commitment of both organizations to sustainability, zero waste, and environmental stewardship.

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