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Firstgreen works with building owners to optimize business performance using sustainability as a business driver. The Firstgreen sustainability team includes, engineers, architects, LEED APs, and analysts. Firstgreen has been working with USGBC, IGBC, GRIHA, and other international sustainability recognition plateforms. We are the only company in India having highest number of Platinum certified green building projects to the tune of 40 projects as of date. We have helped real estate leaders such as DLF, Ireo, Vatika, Ansals, M3M, etc in managing the suystainability targets of these groups. Apart from green building facilitation, we also work on carbon footprint reporting, GHG auditing, ECBC compliance as a part of our sustainability practice. Firstgreen’s solar advisory services now reaching to over 1 GW of solar consulting practice. We have developed our own portfolio of RESCO projects and have executed over 20 PPAs. We are operating from India as well as from Kenya for our International practice. 


Mix of engineers, architects, analysts, LEED Aps, from reputed institutions 

30 yearsAverage employee age group.

We have a young team of professionals.

6 offices

We operate from Gurgaon, Jaipur, Jammu, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Cuttack, and Nairobi

Position Description


The primary focus of this role is solar and green building related technical and research support. 

Tasks & duties

Qualifications & Experience


A general background in renewable energy, climate change, sustainability, project management, finance, engineering.

Graduate/Post Graduates energy sector flavour are prefered candidates. 

Green buildings

A general background in architecture, urban planning, real estate, landscape architecture, civil or mechanical engineering, building science, construction management or allied field. 

How to apply?

Send a current resume and letter of interest to info@firstgreen.co


The monthly stipend paid to interns is Rs. 15000 per month.

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