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Save Electricity With Solar

How much power do Solar Panels generate?

The table below shows the average daily solar energy production of some common commercial grid-connected systems throughout Kenya.


Daily Output* (per KW/day)

Estimated Yearly Output^

*Daily estimates calculated with long-term solar radiation for Kenya.
^Yearly output based on 365 days of Daily Output.

Solutions for Reducing your Electricity Bill

  • Increasing the temperature set point of your air conditioning in summers and in winters
  • Switching to energy efficient lighting so as to get a lower lighting power density (LPD)
  • Using a variable speed drive for your fans, it is more efficient
  • Replacing your old air conditioner with a better energy efficient rating

Solar Calculator for your house

Calculate the capacity of solar plant as per your rooftop area. Just enter your rootop area and the percentage of rooftop available for Solar plant.

[stm-calc id="10024"]

How much energy storage do you need?

Figuring out how many batteries you need can be overwhelming. If you don’t have enough battery capacity, you run out of power and need to fire up the backup generator. So it’s important to know the storage capacity you require.
The amount of battery storage you need is based on your energy usage. Energy usage is measured in kilowatt hours over a period of time.

Battery Bank Calculator

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