Solar EPC

We have been trusted advisors to the India's biggest companies, and we continue to grow with the help of more than 150 clients in our global network

Design engineering

Firstgreen  detailed design & engineering services are used by project developers and EPC contractors. Project developers.  Our focus is on the large rooftop and utility scale projects which require some complex engineering analysis for your solar project. Read more

Feasibility studies

We conduct project feasibility studies for project investors to assess the techno-commercial viability of a solar project. Typical scope of report is site assessment, evaluation, annual yield estimation, tentative SPV plant layout, overall System description, power evacuation
arrangements, etc. 

Bid advisory

Firstgreen helps the project developers/investors to participate in solar bids under the tariff based reverse bidding process. This requires a detailed cost estimation and financial modeling to assess the project viability. Our specialists will work with your team to secure a good solar tender.


Project Management Consulting

Firstgreen carryout the project management consulting service and manage the project during the construction phase on behalf of our clients in order to provide quality assurance, and project approvals. 

Strategy and Policy Advisory

Firstgreen has in depth knowledge of renewable energy policy and regulations. We have advised various private organization, government institutions and banks on policy and regulatory aspects of renewable and energy efficiency technologies.

Transaction Advisory

Firstgreen has expertise for carry out technocommercial due diligence for better decision making on solar PV investment. We identify various technical, policies, regulatory, operational risk associated with the solar projects and ensure high financial return on solar PV investments.

Third Party Inspection

Firstgreen provides the third party inspection services to the clients. In this, we do the examination of project location, assessment of solar radiation data, energy yield, various losses, power evacuation infrastructure, System sizing, layout planning.

Solar EPC Services

Firstgreen is a technology neutral solar PV system integrator. Our approach is to provide a customized and optimized solution for the individual solar project’s needs. Our team evaluates the available technological options and offers flexible solutions in
the changing technological and market scenarios.


10 years experience in design engineering and project management

500MWSolar Advisory

Track record of solar advisory for over 500 MW of solar capacity in India and abroad. 

30 Design expertsTeam

In-house capacity of conducting the
detailed engineering 

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