Solar for schools

Why schools should opt for solar power?


If a school installs a solar rooftop system of 100kW under Solar PPA model

150000Units of Electricity

The school will generate 150,000 units of electricity annually.


The school will save 375,000 USD through the lifetime of the system.

Schools are having large rooftop s and can save significant costs on electricity bills by switching for solar rooftops

There are number of ways, schools can opt for solar rooftop systems and reduce their electricity bills. Most of the schools opt for solar PPAs for reducing their electricity bills. As the electricity through solar rooftop systems is cheaper than the grid electricity, schools can opt for a power purchase agreement (PPAS) with a solar developer and can reduce their electricity bills without any upfront cost. Under the Solar PPA, the developer designs, builds owns and operates the solar rooftop systems through out the PPA tenure and reduces the electricity bills for the schools. The PPAs are typically signed for a tenure of 15-25  years with no or a very low upfront cost and saves electricity bills for long term. 

 For example if a school installs a 100 KW solar rooftop system at their school roof, it generates about 150,000 units of electricity on annual basis. If the typical electricity rates of electric utility is 0.2 USD/kWh; the typical electricity bill is of the order of 30,000 USD per year, and solar PPA is typically signed at a rate of about 10-12 Cents per kWh, it leads to about 15,000 USD savings t school on annual basis and over 375,000 USD through its lifetime.

Besides this there are environmental benefits to the schools. By installing solar you could reduce over 3000 tons of GHG emissions during the lifetime of the project. 

Why Solar ppa
for schools?

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