Solar PPAs

Solar Rooftop without any upfront investment

Solar Rooftop PPA

Solar Rooftop PPA

We offer large residential and commercial customers a fully installed solar solution, with no upfront costs; under the solar roofotp PPA model. Under this means, the consumers pay no upfront costs, but get all the benefits of the low cost solar PPA and can reduce their monthly electricity bills. Firstgreen will take care of the project financing from bank and financial institutions, and will maintain the solar asset for the PPA tenure.


We are having India’s fastest growing solar developers for commercial and industrial solar rooftop

2000KW Solar PPAOperational projects

No Upfront investment from consumers

30% Energy bill reduction

Guaranteed savings in your monthly electricity bill from solar PPA

How does a solar PPA work ?

Under the Solar Power Purchase Agreement a third party will install the solar rooftop system at your facility and owns and operates the system for the PPA tenure.  Typically the PPA tenure is for a tenure of minimum 10 years, and can go up to 25 years PPA. 

Procedure for Solar Rooftop PPA


Finalise the Power Purchase Agreement with the client

The clients signs a 10 years or 25 years power purchase agreement (PPA) with Firstgreen.


Installation of Rooftop Solar PV system without no upfront cost

Once the agreement has been signed, Firstgreen will fund and construct the PV system


Sale of electricity to the client

After completion, in accordance with the agreement, Firstgreen will sell the client the energy generated on site at the agreed price until the end of the contract.


Handover the plant to the building owner

We will handover the solar Plant to the building owner after completion of the PPA tenure. 

Case Study of a 100kW plant in Kenya

Comparing estimated savings for a 100kW Solar PPA plant in Kenya. Electricity purchased through Solar PPA gives almost 50 percent savings as compared to grid.

Custimised PPAs

We customise the PPA to suite you

Firstgreen offer broad flexibility in terms of repayment structures. Variables such as payback periods and price per kWh of electricity are covered in consultation with the client in order to create repayment plans tailored to site specific criteria. We offer flat-rate payback structures or reducing tiered repayments whereby the USD/kWh we charge decreases annually. In order to reduce payback periods, clients have the option to hold a high USD/kWh as long as is required, or can place an upfront deposit should they wish. Unless decided otherwise by the client, our USD/kWh will remain below the cost of purchasing an equal amount of energy from a supplier. What this means is, immediate savings on bills from year 1 through purchasing energy at a cheaper cost. These savings will increase in amount as inflation rises. After the client has repaid the total balance, after making significant savings already, they will receive their own PV system effectively free of charge at the end of the agreement. Firstgreen will transfer ownership over to the client for no added fee, or retain ownership and avoid increased business rates for the nominal cost of annual maintenance.

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