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The TRUE Advisor Examination : An Overview

The TRUE Advisor Examination is a professional certification program for individuals working in the green building industry. The program is administered by GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc.), the same organization that administers the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification program. TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) is a certification program that focuses on […]

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MSEDCL’S 500 MW tender discovers Rs.2.90/KWH. It is an upward tariff trend.

It is interesting to note that the solar tariffs which went as low as Rs.2.0/ KWH a year back are now heading upwards. last month we observed the solar pit tariff as Rs. 2.45/KWH in one of the SECI pits. Now the state distribution company of Maharashtra MSEDCL has discovered Rs.2.90 as the lowest tariff which shows an upward trend.

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Incentives for green buildings in Kerala

In order to promote Green Building in Kerala, Govt of Kerala has come up with multiple incentives for the developers. The promotion of Green Building through this scheme will help in optimizing the natural resources such as water, energy & also reduce waste disposal from the buildings. The incentives provided by Govt will attract developers […]

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New Delhi, Dec. 30: The Solar Power Developer Association (SPDA) has demanded the goods and services tax rate be kept uniform at 5 per cent on solar power generating system (SPGS) saying recent recommendations of the GST Council are inconsistent with the government’s policy of promoting clean ener- The total incidence of tax on the […]

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