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Solar plants to light up 27 AICTE institutions in Northeast

Guwahati: In a bid to make educational institutions self-sufficient in solar power, IIT Guwahati, in collaboration with AICTE, has completed the installation of solar- power projects in the northeast, which are yielding 416KW of power to help laboratories, offices, and streetlights to function uninterrupted in 27 AICTE affiliated institutions.

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Madhya Pradesh: Floating solar projects on Narmada takes off.

Bhopal: Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Thursday said Madhya Pradesh will have 20,000 MW renewable energy capacity in five years. A big step in this was taken during the day when the government signed a contract for the first phase of the 600 MW Omkareshwar Floating Solar Project on Narmada – said to be the biggest of its kind in the world.

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New Delhi, Dec. 30: The Solar Power Developer Association (SPDA) has demanded the goods and services tax rate be kept uniform at 5 per cent on solar power generating system (SPGS) saying recent recommendations of the GST Council are inconsistent with the government’s policy of promoting clean ener- The total incidence of tax on the […]

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