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Five key considerations for module cleaning while designing your solar rooftop plant

Cleaning systems must complete the approval process outlined below for First Solar compliance andmodule warranty support. Required documentation is outlined below and should be submitted to theFirst Solar Technical Support team. Additional information may be requested upon review of the design.Checklist MSDS & datasheets on the brush material Two samples of the brush material Water […]

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We are hiring: Job Description-Business Development Manager

About Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited Solar consultants Firstgreen Limited is a subsidiary of Firstgreen Consulting Pvt Ltd; one of India’s most respected Solar solutions provider since 2010. Solar Consultants Firstgreen is a EPC and consulting firm actively working in development of solar mini grid and rooftop solar for commercial and Industrial (C&I) clients in Africa. […]

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Solar project development has been halted due to environment concerns: THE GREAT INDIAN BUSTARD AT THE HEART OF DEVELOPMENT V/S ENVIRONMENT ROW

The great Indian Bustard is a critically endangered species that live in the Thar desert of Rajasthan for most cases. The great Indian Bustard in recent years has become prey to the power lines which are running through its moving course because of their poor frontal vision and the habit of scanning the ground while […]

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Module Cleaning Guidelines

We have compiled the module cleaning guidelines from the Warranty and Installation Documents of different PV modules about Soiling & Cleaning which are as follows: 1. JINKO Solar Warranty Document: Exclusions: subject to direct contact with corrosive agents or salt water; pest damage; or malfunctioning PV system components; Installation Manual: Site selection: Do not install […]

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