Firstgreen Consulting Pvt Ltd

Dr. Sanjay Vashishtha

Dr. Vashishtha is the founder and CEO of Firstgreen Consulting. Dr. Vashishtha overseas the project origination, structuring and PPA negotiation for various clients in C&I sector as well as utility sector. Prior to FIrstgreen he has been working with Suzlon roup and DLF for developing solar and wind assets. Over the years, Dr. Vashishtha has worked across the value chain in the renewable energy domain along with various stakeholders

Raghvendra Kaushik
Director-Greenfirst Power ventures

Raghvendra is director of our subsidiary Greenfirst Power ventures and controls its operations from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Renu Kaushik
Director Finance

Ms. Renu is a MBA from Rajasthan University and have been the founder director of the company. 

Ranjit Singh Amrit
Director-Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited

Ranjit is the Director of our subsidiary Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited and controls the company operations in Kenya.

Guru ghataurhae
Director-Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited

Guru is the Director of our subsidiary Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited and controls the company operations in Kenya.

Denis Malowa
Project head-Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited

Denis is the Project head in Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited and controls the solar project implementation.

Anish Kumar Shukla
Senior Consultant

Anish Kumar Shukla is the senior consultant with Firstgreen. He is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur. He has work experience in rooftop and ground mounted solar power projects. He has also experience in solar PV-DG Hybrid systems.

Rohit Rana, GRIHA-CP, GEM-CP
Senior Consultant

Rohit Rana is the Senior Consultant with Firstgreen. He has done M.Tech. in Solar & Alternate Energy with B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering. Rohit is taking care of Solar Consulting and Green Building projects of Firstgreen. He has work experience in 2D/3D designing, Energy Yield Assessment, Solar Site feasibility study, DPR preparation, Technical-due Diligence, and green building certification. 

Prem Kumar Solaisamy LEED AP(BD+C), IGBC AP, GRIHA CP, GEM CP

Prem kumar is a Consultant with Firstgreen. He is an Undergraduate Architect from Kalasalingam school of architecture. Prem is a passionate architect with main expertise in Building Information Modeling. His portfolio includes Apple campus – 2, Sierra college and Google sterlin campus.  He also has experience at Interior designing and started exploring sustainability.

Akhil Sharma
Senior Engineer

Akhil Sharma is the senior Engineer with Firstgreen. He is a master’s in Energy management from Shri Mata Vasihno Devi University, Katra. He has work experience in green building LEED certification and rooftop solar projects. Akhil is heading the Jammu and Kashmir solar initiatives of Firstgreen.

Rupam Sarkar
Project Engineer

Rupam Sarkar is Project Engineer with Firstgreen consulting Pvt Ltd. He is graduate in Mechanical engineering from Grijananda Chowdhury institute of management and technology.

Navneet Kanojia
HR Executive

Navneet Kanojiya is a versatile HR Executive at Firstgreen Consulting, managing a range of responsibilities such as Human Resource Management, Taxation, and finance & accountancy-related work.

Mukesh Kumar
Office Administrative

Mukesh Kumar is Office Administrative with Firstgreen consulting Pvt Ltd. Their job is to coordinate all office activities.

Subash kumar

Subash kumar is the technician with Firstgreen. He has work experience ground mounting and rooftop solar projects.

Sonali Rawat
Architect & Consultant, GRIHA CP, IGBC AP

Sonali is a Green Building Consultant at Firstgreen. She is an undergraduate architect from Aayojan school of architecture. Sonali has a keen interest in green architecture and her aim is to help minimize the effect of architecture on the environment.

Santosh Kumar Srivastava
Associate Consultant

Santosh is an Associate consultant at Firstgreen Consulting. He has over 20 years of experience in Project Management, designing /execution & tendering of Electrical Work (Load Calculation, Sub-station Design, Power Back-up System, Co-ordination with HVAC System, Fire Alarm System, Fire Fighting System.

Adyasourav Rout
Senior Consultant

Adyasourav Rout is the Senior Consultant with Firstgreen. He is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from KIIT University University, Bhubaneswar. He has hands-on experience over more than seven years in roof top & ground-mounted utility and C&I solar projects, micro grid, hybrid power systems, power transmission, and distribution and industrial electrification work.

Amit Kumar
Project Engineer

Amit Kumar is the Project Engineer with Firstgreen. He is a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from RV Institute of Technology, Bijmor (UP) He has hands-on experience over more than three years in solar ground mounting projects and asset management.

Vishvas Patel
Project Engineer

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