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3MWp EPC Ground Mounted Project at JK Fenner Gojwada, Telangana

EPC of 3 MWp solar project by JK Fenner group at Gojwada. Telangana

Gojwada, Telangana

Capacity: 3 MWp
Client: JK Fenner Limited

Project Summary

In the year 2017 JK Fenner decided to move to renewable energy based power supply by photovoltaic system to cutout some part of their high electricity bills. But in the mean time they are also thinking about the spare land they have but far from the factory location. Firstgreen suggests about offsite solar photovoltaic installation where they can produce electricity at one location and fed into their nearest discom substation and can take power from the same grid at different location. As this project is offsite solar photovoltaic project so Firstgreen has to prepare various documents related to netmeting and also has to take many approvals required for the same from Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (TSSPDCL) known as Discom. Firstgreen Completed the project in record time of 3 months in march 2018 and the plant is now under operational condition with more than 78% Performance Ratio. The 3 MWp ground mounted solar photovoltaic plant is first offsite plant for JK Fenner.

Scope of Work for Firstgreen

The scope of work for Firstgreen included the complete engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) work. During this project implementation phase Firstgren team worked directly with the site incharge at JK Fenner solar project. Firstgreen has a complete scope of Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of complete 3MWp solar photovoltaic plant along with land levelling for the project. Firstgreen also prepared documents for net-metering in align to TSSPDCL Discom. Firstgreen also has 5 years operation and maintenance in his scope.

Key Features

• 1000V “behind the fence” DC System
• The 33 kV Solar Photovoltaic system aggregates 2 each 1.25 MW inverter stations to a 33 kV substation.
• 2.5 MVA 33/0.380 KV transformer used for stepup.
• MMS has been designed as per site land topography
• The project is designed as offsite project
• The power generated from this project is transmitted by ACSR Conductor by using 6 Pole structure.
• Sophisticated SCADA and instrumentation package.


  • Panel Type: Renesola
  • 330 Wp solar panels Poly Crystalline technology 
  • Panel Quantity: 9500
  • Mounting structure type: Ground mounted, double stack 
  • Inverter Type: Hitachi 1250 KW each. 2 Nos. 
  • System Size [DC]:  3000 kWp
  • AC Voltage: 11 KV
  • Interconnection : At Gojwada substation
  • Annual energy generation: 50,00000 kWh
  • 15 acres of land full of Solar panels with 300 tables 
  • Five-year operations and maintenance plan
  • Net-metered project will use the electricity through open access arrangement,

3 Solar Project at telangana

JK Fenner


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