LEED Commissioning

Firstgreen team is experts in LEED Commissioning, which is a detailed set of tests and processes that are completed to help verify that the building energy systems and the system components perform in accordance with the daily operational requirements of the building owner and the design intent. Firstgreen team provides guidance to every step of your project development. We assist, in system sizing, equipment selection, energy yield pridiction, DC side engineering, AC interconnection protocols, permits and aprovals, and construction phase engineering. 

30+ Clients

We are having India’s largest green building portfolio as a green building consulting firm.

38LEED PlatinumCertified Buildings

LEED Commissioning

21LEED GoldCertified Buildings

We have worked with some of the largest real estate groups in India.

LEED Comissioning Process

Our team provides expert guidance under Dr. Sanjay Vashishtha, Ph.D., MTech, has many experience in commissiong the building at every phase of your project.

Commissioningg Process:

The Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) will be documented by Firstgreen Consulting Pvt Ltd., Mechanical, Electrical and other owner requirements were documented including:

  1. Achieve LEED respective certification level.

  2. Create a special, innovative building demonstrating energy efficiency and sustainable strategies.

At first the design review will be conducted by the First Green Consultant of the Construction Documents. Next, An on-site commissioning kicks off meeting will be conducted. This meeting included the First Green Commissioning Authority, the general contractor, mechanical, electrical and control contractors and owner representatives. The commissioning plan and process were reviewed, and contractor roles and responsibilities were detailed. Several other on-site meetings were conducted as construction progressed to address the commissioning process and other related topics. Functional tests are typically a step-by-step procedure of manipulating the systems and controls in order to test the operation of the equipment through each mode and how they respond to different variables within each mode. Tests were designed to prove correct equipment operation using system changes and overrides that will most closely mimic changes that an end user would do while operating the building.

Our Design & Engineering Specialisation

Commissioning - HVAC systems

HVAC Systems

Objective of air conditioning is to provide comfort to all areas of the building. Temperatures and Indoor Air Quality shall be maintained in accordance with parameters as specified in Basis of Design.

The design approach shall be sensitive to environmental issues. The main thrust shall be laid on energy conservation, safety and ease of maintenance and current progressive technological developments. Few of the important issues considered in our design.

Commissioning - Lighting


Lighting work classified into two categories:

  1. Interior Lighting-Interior side of the building

  2. Exterior Lighting-Exterior side of the building

Commissioning - Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance

The facility will be operated based on the Systems manual by Facility personnel. The system Manual will be developed by Commissioning Authority. System manual should be containing the following systems:

  1. Operating procedure for All Systems (HVAC, Lighting, Electrical systems, Water Distribution Systems, etc.)

  2. Maintaining Procedure for All System

  3. Corrective Action

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